The next big thing

I am constantly reminded, how much important mobile is now while I’m always trying to seek new, creative and innovative ways on how to get things done.

A constant inquiry of what’s ahead after mobile bugs me lately a lot.

Right now, we see a huge disruption on how we interact with things, search for information, consume content (not only media/video) due to the very nature of “the new mobile” — local, ubiquitous, always online, fast, condensed. And, frankly, the catalyst for these innovations was the iPhone.

But I feel that we are — slowly or fast doesn’t matter — coming to a point where we need to start working on the next big thing. Mobile is saturated. I still can see many innovations for it, many new uses and meaningful features (eg. Passbook, Square, Simple, etc). Don’t get me wrong. I love mobile. It made the huge difference from “I will connect to the Internet” to “I am in the Internet.”Always, everywhere, online.

I’m not pessimist towards mobile; on the other hand, I am totally optimist. There’s so much more to do. Let’s just not focus building the ν-th photo sharing app.

So what could be the next big thing? This thing that will, once again, change how we interact and perceive our world.

The most profound and quick answer that comes to my mind is Google Glass. I love its potential. And for the nay-sayers: no, you don’t look stupid, on the other hand it’s pretty cool — you look like Vegeta and, please, oh please, just imagine the potential. Retina-embedded layers.

Retina embedded fucking layersThe awesome is too damn high!

Aside Project Glass, though, what else could determine and build the post-mobile world? We live in a post-PC thanks to the iPad. How will post-mobile look, even if it’s something entirely new or mobile itself transforms into an entirely new form and format. This gets me excited.

posted: November 10, 2012
under: Mobile

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