Op-Ed: Social, Economic and Financial Crisis

“Social, Economic and Financial Crisis” was the name of the event in the European Parliament in Brussels I was invited to (and hosted) by Vice-Presidents Podimata and Karas. It focused on the why’s and how’s of the Greek Crisis — why did Greece collapse (or is about to), how can we solve the current problem.

I wanted to write a post with my thoughts in apas.gr; instead, I wrote a guest op-ed piece on The Stockists, a new blog about Economic, Financial and Stock Market analysis launched and written by two friends of mine. A wonderful coincidence.

Feel free to read the guest op-ed piece on The Stockists. Any feedback would be more than valuable and appreciated.

Disclosure: I am also part of The Stockists team: helping with technical support in WordPress.

posted: June 1, 2012
under: Economics

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