I love (my) data

Since April 25 I’ve been logging chunks of my life. Trivial, yet in the longterm interesting stuff like how many coffees, salads, metro and bike rides I’ve had. I think it’s exciting.

Some may find it weird, others unnecessary and others plain stupid. I find it intriguing, awesome and useful. Data is important.

In the short term it – might – is pointless but the exciting part starts when one distances himself from the present and try to figure out the patterns that emerge and as a result change his life – not in any kind of spiritual way but in a very practical one: his behaviors.

Data is important because patterns,” simply to put in a meme-ish way.

I’ve been logging chunks of my life with the Daytum iPhone app. Currently on the free plan (offers also a pro membership with unlimited logging) not only can I log data but also view in-app visualizations — one extremely important part of the Data mantra. Plus, there’s also a web interface with heavy logging and (most importantly) visualization functionality.

The problem is that this stuff is still manually-driven — unless you go for a Fitbit or a Nike+ Fuelband, which I’m thinking of buying.

Finally, check the PlaceMe app. It’s way over the freaky line yet even more exciting. Tracking everything via your mobile phone from your mobile phone. Watch PlaceMe founder talking with Robert Scoble – don’t be put off by its 30min length. It’s totally worth it.

(Re: PlaceMe: I’m not yet sure if I’d use it – I think, though, I would.)

I will follow-up with another really freaky, interesting and exciting perspective of data. Soon.

posted: May 16, 2012
under: Data, Software

4 Responses

  1. elafini says:

    I wanted to try placeme but unfortunately not available in the Greek store :-(

  2. Aflets says:

    Offtopic: Bring back the old design, it was more minimalistic haha :D

  3. Apostolos says:

    Hm, not sure dude. I think I’ll stick to that for a while.

  4. Aflets says:

    Μωρέ, its naiz, as Borat says. Definitely better as far as usability. But the other had this white/black feel, less colors.
    This is a very good theme as well, don’t get me wrong. I really like it.
    Just a friendly reader’s comment :-)