mnmlist WordPress theme, now on Github

I’ve recently signed up for Github, mainly because of my idea to “take” my school’s programming class’ hand-written pseudo-code to the open source and social internet.

It’s time for another public repo to be shared. Now, it is about a very cool WordPress theme. In fact, it’s about the WordPress theme I’m using right now, which is called mnmlist.

Mnmlist is a very clean and minimalist (obvious minimalist name is obvious, lol) WordPress theme that focuses on the content without distractions. One (left) sidebar, no-widgets ouf-of-the-box (you can add if you want) and simple comments. Mnmlist was originally developed by Leo Babauta, founder and the guy behind It is shared “as is” and uncopyrighted, so I figured out that it’d be a good idea to share mnmlist with my changes and tweaks.

Changes made:

  • sidebar is css fixed, only main content is scrollable
  • a new design approach on links both in main content and post, changed their css
  • HTML “placeholder” for an image in the sidebar
  • Twitter & Facebook share/like buttons under each post
  • RSS icon in the sidebar
  • Helvetica font, not Verdana
  • a few other minor and subtle changes I cannot remember of now

For a live demo, do not seek further; you’re viewing mnmlist now in For the current status and the full rundown of mnmlist, read its README file at its Githup repo (link below).

Mnmlist’s license is Leo’s uncopyright and my Kopimi.

Go grab, use, mess with the code, edit, wreck, optimize —whatever you want— mnmlist from my public Github repo.

posted: March 17, 2011
under: Blogging, Software, Web

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