Your next Google Reader

My Google Reader is getting filled up with lots of RSS feeds. Which means lots of new posts everyday. But in fact, I haven’t opened up my Google Reader for months. I think the last time was it around mid-end August. Yes, you read correctly—August. But why is this?

Well, first of all, time. I’m in a much more complex, demanding and difficult schedule than in summer or even last year. Mainly because I’m Senior in High School and I have to study a little bit (read a ton) more. RSS consumes (a lot) of my time, an amount that I cannot afford anymore. Despite this, RSS is not dead as Dave Winer correctly points out.

Secondly, I’m over with the “read-them-all-as-soon-as-their-posted” era. I’ve grown up since that time—it was like a couple years ago. The frenzy of getting everything read, I think it’s a bit tiring for one’s self. Mentally, bodily and psychologically. Now, I don’t want all the content, I want the best content.

Let me restate it: now I don’t want all the content, I want the best content.

That’s why lately I’ve been on a hunt for a tool, web service, desktop reader—you name it, that would be social (for to share the most interesting and insightful content/posts), easy to use (with a good UX & design) and why not, to had the ability of syncing across multiple devices.

And this service is Instapaper. I have to tell you, I’ve been using Instapaper for a long time now but never thought of this possibility. See, it’s very easy to start. Just ask from your friends and in general, the persons you think they’ve got good content to share, their Instapaper account name or email (that differs based on when the other person created his/her account). And boom—you’re good to go. Just star the item you want to share. You can have it synced with your Instapaper iPhone app, too.

Why do I like Instapaper, why does it beat Google Reader anyway? Let me clarify first, Instapaper is not an RSS reader. Instapaper is a tool that saves webpages for you to read later. Back to why it wins. Reason number one is that I get to see a curation of trending news and posts, not just raw new posts in reverse timeline format. Reason number too is that his curation is fully customizable and with great quality because I select the people I want to read items from. Reason number three is that I can read all this stuff from wherever I feel like I want to read it. Be it iPhone or every other computer that has access to the internet and Instapaper.

If you have an Instapaper account feel free to add my shared posts, or how Instapaper itself puts it: “Another user’s Starred items”. Just add this link in your Folders.

—kudos to @ik_ for this awesome idea.

posted: February 9, 2011
under: Productivity

4 Responses

  1. Dimitris says:

    Hmm, pretty good idea.
    What a pity Instapaper doesn’t have an official android app.

  2. Apostolos says:

    Whoah, didn’t know that Instapaper doesn’t have any Android app. Isn’t there any non-official client or something? That’s maybe a reason to mail Marco Arment asking to develop the app.

  3. Dimitris says:

    Oh well, there are a few substitutes on market but none of them offers the great experience of the iphone app.

    Email sent :-)

  4. Apostolos says:

    As I said, mail Marco. Heh.