Recommendatr, my first spinn-off project

Do you remember 4sqwifi also known as “Unlock the Wifi’s” project? If you do it’s great, if you don’t check it now. Back to my point though. I’m very happy to announce my first 4sqwifi spin-off project.

It’s called Recommendatr and as a concept is kind of similar to 4sqwifi yet radically different. Recommendatr does not focus on where you can find a (Foursquare) venue with wifi but instead, it focuses on where you can find a venue with excellent service for you, the customer. It can be anything: from a cafe to a restaurant and an electronics retailer. Most importantly, it can be anywhere—it is not do not solely focused for and in Thessaloniki.

Recommendatr operates under the spirit of “keep calm, hack the world and do epic stuff” while being also licensed by Creative Commons & Kopimi. So I’d say do not wait no more, visit the website and give it a spin.

By the way, I created a new page in which I list all my projects I’ve created. You should visit it.

posted: February 18, 2011
under: Start-Up's, Web

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