Unlock the Wifi’s: new project /Updated

So, the past few days have been very productive, tech-wise. Despite all the heavy homework stuff I had to do, I wrote two new posts. Today though, I came up with an idea—and the idea instantly transformed into a project named “Unlock the Wifi”.

Unlock the Wifi, that is—with the tagline “Unlock your city”.

But what is it exactly, eh? A little history:

It is a Foursquare initiative I started with a tweet in the morning. After several minutes it was retweeted by ±5 people so I decided to start working on it more seriously. I setuped a Tumblr blog, serving as the initiative’s new home and kind of a hub of all activity regarding to it. Then I reposted the links, pinged some guys about it, and boom—the word did spread.

But what exactly you want to do?

That awkward moment when you sit in a cafe/shop/whatever and there’s wifi but it is locked. I bet you know it. And I also I bet you dislike it. So, why not after asking politely for the passcode, make public the wifi’s key for other people to use in future. And what’s a better place to do it than Foursquare?

Uhm I get it—how do I contribute?

It’s really simple. Assuming you’re having a Foursquare account, once you find a venue that has locked wifi and after acquiring it (the wifi of course!), you only have to post it as a “To-do” or a comment in the venue’s Foursquare profile. Simple and elegant, eh? Now everyone can see it and have free wifi!

To find more info about “Unlock the wifi, unlock your city” just visit our Tumblehome! And do not forget: tweet, share, like, post, email and share the word about it!


posted: January 9, 2011
under: Web

3 Responses

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  2. oriste says:

    Simple, therefore great idea! What about the legal ramifications?

  3. Apostolos says:

    Sincerely, for to act legal against it, one has to be so not-in-2011-internet.