A somewhat personal update

Current status: a shitload of things to do—please, re-read from here forgetting the previous sentence: So, it’s been a long time since August 1st, 2010 — the last blog post I wrote. Things changed, radically I might say, ever since. First of all, I’m a senior now in High School, which means I have a shitload of studying everyday, every night and every weekend because of the (god damned) Panhellenic exams (non-Greeks read: University-entry exams). And for better or worse, Computer Science has a pretty much difficult required exam score. Whatever…

Secondly (this is the great news!), I am now member of Epic Planks ski team. Epic Planks is a Belmont, MI based ski startup making high quality handmade skis. I am very fortunate that they offered me a spot as an Ambassador and member of the team. This, practically means I will have soon the Crop Duster (previously Floater) ski — a ski for deep, pure, awesome powder. I am very stoked!

One of this year’s negative things, is that I am pausing with ski racing — only for this ski season — because I need to study and get some grades for the university. Whatever (again)…

Now, around mid-September I got a mail from the Secretary of Youth inviting me to a unique event that took place in Thessaloniki’s planetarium venue regarding entrepreneurship in the youth and how can we increase entrepreneurship in this social group, etc. I was very much stoked (yes, again) for this, because I was the only one under 25-30 years old dude there from throughout Greece. I will, later, post my thoughts about this event (in Greek, though).

So what is my current status now, you might ask (and you’re damn right). My current status reads: a shitload of studying, SAT & TOEFL & IELTS exams, lot’s of coffee drinking, kind of tweeting a lot rather than blogging, almost no PC (actually, it is a MacBook Air), lot’s of SMS and 3G.

But! There’s a surprise coming very —like, really— soon. It has to do with geeks, the internets, the Greek internets, blogs and international big, great, awesome blogs. Uhm, what else? No, I’m not telling ya anything else. I said — it’s a surprise.

And what about my tech-catching-up: tried Diaspora* (opinion: it’s cool; very cool; but needs a hell of more code to be properly useful and usable), a life-hack with the iPhone, GMail and Google Apps for your domain, the re-design of this blog and saving lot’s of great articles at my Twitter favorites to read when I’ll have time.

Bottom-line before I go back to studying (seesh): hack the world! (Okay, sorry me, this was a very personal update for what I used to write — I promise I won’t write here anything else like this in the future, lol.)

posted: October 4, 2010
under: Editorials

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