POwer, Broccoli, KOPIMI and the Internets

There’s an ongoing discussion in Greece lately (no, I’m not talking about the econimic crisis, debts and all this fiscal stuff). A journalist who appeared to be the founder and to maintain the most-visited blog worldwide, troktiko, was killed assassinated. Everything in troktiko was anonymous (no connection with Anonymous meme). Lot’s of people liked it and even more hated it. Despite all this, just after the assassination a conversation about internet anonymity started from journos and bloggers.

And here fits POwer, Broccoli and Kopimi.

First things first. What the earth is Kopimi?

It’s Piratebay’s manifesto. It’s not only a licence-permit for others to share, translate, remix, bend, modify, copy, trash, bash, move, publish, burn, hide, remake (you can use Creative Commons for this, too). It’s the internet philosophy, summizing to the ultimate wisdom: “The Internet is right”. Actually, it’s more than just a manifesto. It is a booklet (.PDF) freely available, a guide containing a 100-things list to live the Kopimi way.

Though seeded in prehistory, Kopimi is rooted in the future, and holds together a constantly vibrating avalanche of knowledge that forms the foundation for a discussion indifferent to the rippling changes of time and space. A tumult where no one has the permission to keep silent, and where we must speak to everyone and everything.

Our words shall, simultaneously, sound as foolishness upon deaf ears and lovely caresses to those who see and hear, but above all: They should bite firmly into you – and your mom. This is a book for those of you who find yourselves in the moment, but are looking for your way forward through the ages.

Kopimi’s core philosophy is not “share, remix, copy, etc” (I am “licensing this blog through Kopimi & Creative Commons) though of course it supports it, but to preserve the Internet as Internet and not as byproduct from companies and/or governments.

That’s how it goes — two paragraphs from the introductory text in the book. You can grab the .PDF here. Have fun reading it.

But how is Kopimi connected to this Greek journo-blogger-thing?

See, Kopimi’s ultimate wisdom is “The Internet is right”. Now everyone (read: Government, journalists, bloggers) is trying to regulate the Internet. The second most ultimate Kopimi’s wisdom is “Regulate Nothing”. I think you get the point.

It is our duty to help preserve the Internet. None can regulate the Internet, even Tim Berners-Lee can’t and none shall even try regulate it. The Internet is the ultimate freedom.

In the shadow of the culture industry’s final crisis of the 20th-century, grows a larger portrait of the POwr, broccoli and Kopimi. The culture industry’s complete failure is followed by the uncanny success of the diffused structure of an Internet elite, spread the world over. The book you’re about to read has no author, no designer, no typesetter, no distribution channel. Nevertheless, you have it in front of you. How did that happen?

Read the frightening instructions of a loosely coherent core of IT specialists grafted into an unsuspecting generation of youths, and how the group stole the eggs, dollars and jpegs in front of the powerless establishment and strong financial interests. Learn how servers, seeders, trackers, e-mail, company formation, foreign investors, Ikko’s weekly allowance, scandalous advertisements, links and search services, infiltrated and destroyed an entire world that had nowhere to run, no one to consult, and no one to trust…

The machine, which operates under the radar frequency is unhindered from the Cambodian jungle to the gay neighborhoods of San Francisco, via the empty beaches of Tel-Aviv, and into the Internet of plain folks in Jönköping suburbs and Gothenburg harbor. It leaves no one unmoved and mangles everything in its path. Technically superior and physically independent it’s constantly transforming, mutating and reappearing in new guises and under new codenames. With a stranglehold on its opponents it’s completely untouched and even more – incomprehensible.

It has rightly been said that this is the first time Kopimi has freed the world and we can be sure that it’s not the last.

posted: August 1, 2010
under: Blogging, File sharing

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