Thoughts on Twitter’s new API

I’ve been reading today about Twitter’s new User Streams API. Well I have to admit that I am a bit outdated on tech news since last week, because I went to Mt. Seli staying at the home of a friend of mine for mountain biking. I am catching up (I was reading only Gruber’s feed from my Reeder app in iPhone.). Anyway, my first thought is: this is big and looks promising.

Of course it is!

And by the way, this whole new API and concept proves Twitter’s interest in a new self-owned datacenter. Heck, User Streams API needs a lot of bandwith and infrastructure. The world will be instant. Like, real instant or like, IM instant.

TNW did mention a kind of bug/problem related thing. New User Streams API will be useless for power users (read: Scoble and his friends). Either they (Twitter) should make the new API opt-in/opt-out with a Settings option — which is, I think, very likely to happen or Scoble and his friends should a) unfollow a ton of people b) setup new accounts (pointless, in my opinion).

There’s also a new concept. Again, TNW points it out. An idea of implementing Favorites into a built-in Retweet system (I imagine it as something like Flickr’s favorites which are now together with comments in comments format.).

I love favorites. Yes, I am the very single person after Scoble who favorites tweets. It’s very handy when I’m with my iPhone outside and see interesting tweets for great articles and stuff like this. It serves as an Instapaper for my Twitter. Yes, I know there’s Instapaper on Twitter for iPhone. Whatever..

As with Flickr, I’m against this new favorites implementation. I don’t see it as a Twitter’s “Like” button. I’m positive though, that the Twitter guys will surprise us. Or at least, I hope so.

Back on the real-time thingie. We’ll all like it. A lot. I was looking for a such upgrade since May or June, mainly on my Tweetie desktop client. During the summer I found out that I was desperately looking for it on Twitter for iPhone. So, guessing from my experiences and keeping in mind that you follow under 1,000 thousand people (I follow 540), I bet it will be great.

I’m just wondering how Twitter will solve — not only their’s — bandwith problem. I mean, being mobile with a data plan it’s ok nowadays but won’t Twitter for iPhone will fetch a lot of calls (read: MBs of your data plan in the long shot), especially if you follow a lot of people and they tweet like a thousand monkeys on keyboards. A good solution could be if Twitter would sum-up 5-10 tweets at a time and send them to you (if you’re mobile) in intervals. That’s a lot of nerd-talk in their geeky meetings I guess.


Straightforward: I like it. It will bring Twitter into the next level and I am sure about this. There’s a small technical problem that can be easily hacked-around. Do you think that will, the new User Stream API indeed bring Twitter in the next level? Oh and by the way, you should follow me, I’m @apas.

posted: July 29, 2010
under: Micro-blogging, Start-Up's, Web

2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Random query, are you into games?

    Also, i don’t really feel this is a cost effective upgrade, the bandwidth usage will be off the charts…

  2. Apostolos says:

    I was.

    Well, the API is rolled out already, two clients have upgraded. I see mainly the problem when you’re mobile or you follow more than 1k dudes.