I heart #ssmap.

Whoop—whoop! Good news arrived today in my email inbox. You know, there’s this great Greek tech podcast called “Sugarenia + Stelabouras make a podcast” aka #ssmap. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best tech podcasts out there (yes, I mean the whole wide world).

I know these guys from Twitter (@sugarenia, @stelabouras), Wiggler, CSS3 and their personal blogs — they rock and are very talented geeks.

Recently they turned 40 episodes and made a contest, giving out for free an iPhone app up to 20€.

Yup, you guessed correctly. I won. It’s a fun thing to feel, but for a third time in my life or so I did win a contest. The app I chose is Reeder — the best RSS (aka Google Reader) reader in iPhone (it’s in my Must-have iPhone apps: the Ultimate collection post). Word.

Thanks Sug & Stelabouras!

posted: July 8, 2010
under: Asides, Blogging, Editorials

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