DeskShade & Locksreen bug/hack

You know, there’s a cool Mac OS X app out there called Deskshade with many great features and enhancments for your desktop. Although it comes with plenty of smart time-savers and other small thingies I use it only for it’s screen-lock capability, called DeskLock which actually is a similar to WinKey+L in PCs.

It’s very handy since it catches sneaky family and co-workers red handed. See a demo screenshot here.

But there’s a small bug in DeskLock.

At the “lock” screen (the left one at the screenshot) someone can actually see which applications/windows are running and in a nutshell, the whole desktop, due to a Expose and/or OS X’s Active Screen Corners (show the desktop) bug. Though, that someone cannot interact with any of the the windows, he/she can still see them in a pretty much detailed way.

To watch the bug in action you must have Expose and Active Screen Corners enabled (with the “Desktop” option) and of course, DeskShade installed. Simply lock the computer and then make the 4-fingers gesture for Expose and/or mouse over a corner to enable “show desktop”. Pretty much simple.

See a quick and short demo video I made.

DeskShade’s lock screen bug/hack from Apostolos on Vimeo.

posted: July 2, 2010
under: Apple, Computers, How To's, Software

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