Must-have iPhone apps: the Ultimate collection

It’s been a long time since I wrote for first (and last) time about free iPhone apps that rock and worth definitely a download. Actually, it was two times. Friends, who bought recently a cool shiny new iPhone keep asking me the typical “What should I download, buddy?”. Things changed a lot since August 2009. New apps, new iPhone OS, the iPad. So, I figured out that I have to re-write this post.

[No app links, just search them in Appstore — US or Greek one. Apps’ appearance based on their appearance in my iPhone home screens.]


Your favorite social network, of course. It couldn’t be off this list. Just FYI, disable the Push notifications. They (can) become quite stupid at times as they are still buggy. Be sure to enable Contact Sync, though. Rocks. Big ups.


Is free, out and about. Completely wins big time eBuddy. Much more lightweight, efficient and ideal for a quick chit-chat on the phone — and fast as hell!

Twitter for iPhone

Your favorite 140-characters network. And your favorite mobile Twitter client too. Successor of the famous Tweetie by (the former, indy dev) Loren Bichter, Twitter for iPhone remains the good old Tweetie but now is an official Twitter app.


Some people can’t live without Dropbox. Some people just love it. Well, whether you’re addicted to it or not, the Dropbox app kicks some ass. Best online backup & syncing web-app now in your pocket, too. If you don’t know what Dropbox is find out at & don’t forget to sign up.


I know you like it. I know you use it. You can Skype mobile now, through WiFi’s (and soon through 3G, too). Very cool app, has also the ability to chat via text & dial real telephones.

Foursquare & Gowalla

Location social networks. The two biggest and best. Both apps run great. Especially Gowalla’s app has very cool design. Check, in!


The best Mac GTD app now in the iPhone. When in same WiFi network syncs with Things for Mac. Extra darn good design & usability. If you’re a Mac user you probably know this already.


You might be leaving elsewhere, but most of my friends do live in Thessaloniki, d’uh?! This one, is a great GPS-aided location app which shows the nearest POIs (Points Of Interest). Free and great! If you live outside Greece, big chances are that there’s a similar app for you too — like Yelp for the States.


I feel so nice that I have downloaded this one. You listen to a unknown -at that time- song in a bar you hangout with your friends. No need to walk and ask the DJ which song plays on. Just run Shazam on your iPhone and, whoop-whoop, win! Your track info such as artist/album/year is there for you along with other sharing options.

Photoshop Mobile

It’s so handy when you need to crop an image or add quickly some cool effects. Yes, ladies & gents, it’s the official Adobe Photoshop app. On your iPhone. Free. Today.


The best Wikipedia iPhone article viewer. Elegant, fast & well-designed. Misses some features like the contents table, but the whole package makes you forget it. Another great app from Sophiestication — if you’re a Mac you’d know her from CoverSutra.


You should download it only if you like a lot Google Reader and spend some time with it. Otherwise you don’t need the best Google Reader client on your iPhone.

SnowReports & The NorthFace’s Snow Report

If you’re savvy for the outdoors and especially the mountains and skiing (uhm, that’s me) you should download both apps. Both are free. With vast selection from ski-resorts around the world.

Eurosport, Mashable, Engadget, Digg

I mashed them up, because there is no point at writing separately for each one how download-able it is. Eurosport is for the sport fans. On the other hand, if you’re a computer geek you’d have seen probably, the other three websites a thousand times already.


If you’re using iTunes as your music player whether you use Mac or PC, Remote is there for you. You only need to have the iPhone and your computer on the same WiFi network. Then you can simply control your iTunes library from your iPhone. It’s an Apple official app. Free.

WordPress & Tumblr

You need them only if you blog. Just like the Reeder. Matt’s iPhone creation rocks big time. Tumblr, too.


With this tiny excellent app you can copy things from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. Very handy and saved my ass a lot of times.


Counts the tip you should leave at a waiter/waitress. Simple and Sophiesticated. Worths definitely your download.

One more thing.

Don’t forget to check out: AllRecipes, Epicurious, Where To?, Videoraman (especially if you live in Greece), Mild Elements & Formulas & iMathematics & Pi Cubed & Quick Graph (if you’re a student), iTeleport (and how to acces your computer from your iPhone) , Bump and (same applies here as with Videoraman). Also, don’t show me your iPhone if you haven’t downloaded the one and only game for it, Canabalt.

Of course, there are lot’s of cool and great apps out there beside these here. Would you recommend anything else? Feel free to comment below.

posted: June 1, 2010
under: Apple, Software

5 Responses

  1. dimi7 says:

    Nice collection dude ;)
    I am really thinking of buying the forthcoming Jesus phone :P

  2. Apostolos says:

    Thanks, Dimitris. Wait for the 4G/HD/whatever iPhone until August. It will worth it. Check out my 3GS review too if you’re interested:

  3. dimi7 says:

    I have read infinite reviews of 3gs (yours included) but last year i made up my mind not to buy it because of lack of some standard charcteristics ( 3+ mpx camera, no copy & paste, no external memory)

    So, i am a little knotty in choosing as I see the great expectations the Android sets….

  4. Apostolos says:

    Beware of the keynote on the 7th of June!

  5. dimi7 says:

    Hopefully. Mentally I will be in SF valley ;)