Review: Macbook Air vs. any netbook, Air wins

As you may know, I love portability, because – especially in winter, I travel a lot. That’s why I bought a netbook last year. It did the job great. It is small, lightweight, portable, the battery lasts pretty much long and is comfortable to travel with. When I am at home, I plug it to a 19″ Samsung monitor and I feel like I’m using a normal desktop PC or just a more powerful laptop. But why did I change my mind now, almost a year after using and evangelizing netbooks?

Did you notice the word I used in the first paragraph? Powerful. Indeed, netbooks are ultralight, small and all that great stuff, but they miss something very important and since I was using one of them for a year, as a desktop replacement – it did all my work, let me tell you that. They miss power.

Power in both CPU and GPU.

Last week, my dad got a Macbook Air as a gift. Such a geek I am, I took it and tested it someway. The results are pretty much obvious for me now.

Lightweight & Ultraportable

Let’s face it. Macbook Air is the lightest and slimmest computer out there. It’s thin like an envelope and can travel with you everywhere, due to these two characteristics. Air may be not that small, like a netbook but the weight and portability provide a huge advantage.


Mac OS X definitely owns Windows 7. Not only the GUI is better but also the backend. I’ve been using Windows XP and Windows 7 in my netbook and now Mac OS X and I can clearly see the differences. Speed, design, architecture. Every Mac is fully featured with a ton of greatful tools, like Finder and Airport – the greatest Wifi app I’ve ever used.

Battery life

4 hours. 4 hours of being of the cable. With the lightest laptop ever made. Priceless. And when you need it, the magnetic power cable is priceless, too. Boy, do I love this.


By power, I mean both CPU and GPU power. I used my netbook for movie editing (doh!) for a little project called Fight The Line and it was laggy and slow as hell – in XP and 7. I wasn’t able to watch 720p HD movies in Youtube or Vimeo. That was a giant loss. Instead, in the Macbook Air everything runs smoothly. I can edit (and watch of course) even 1080p true HD video straight from my Toshiba S10 videocamera. 


I’m totally convinced now that netbooks are not anymore worth buying. Macbook Air wins them all. I prefer to give some money more, but to take back in quality, hardware, community, software and total user experience. I need power. Netbooks can’t give any power. On the other hand, they give portability, slimness, lightweight – all things ideal for traveling. But the Mac gives power too among all these factors. For sure I prefer the Mac.

Do you have and use or planning to buy netbook? If not, why? Or do you still prefer the big, classy laptops?

posted: February 5, 2010
under: Apple, Computers, Netbooks, Reviews

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