Is Google Wave really the next BIG thing?

Honestly, yes and no.

Google Wave is misunderstood. It’s not built for the thousands of geeks who use Twitter and Facebook. It’s not built to replace and beat Twitter and Facebook. The point is, Google Wave is a “something” all things collaborative. It’s ideal for small groups of people, who do not want to stay connected, but actually want to do work with great ease.

As an early adopter, that’s what I got from the very first moment on the Wave. See, Google’s choice to reveal the Wave to geeks and not the masses was indeed, smart. Point is, that I realize now, we were wrong (count me in, too). We guessed that it was going to replace all things Web 2.0. But we proven wrong. Wave is not a failed web app, as some said. It’s exact the opposite. It’s perfect. Ideal.Think about your email contact list and your, for example, Twitter following/followers. Did you see the difference? Your email contact list are people that you know and work with and your Twitter is something more generic. People you found interesting on the web, people you met on the web, other bloggers, etc. Until now, I don’t think your Twitter stream is full of your friends and your colleagues. That’s the difference.

Wave want’s you to collaborate, not to engage. Wave is a tool for you, not a service. A whole new platform, which makes it easy for you to work. Imagine all employees of one company, working and sharing stuff each other via the Wave. I don’t think that you can work via Twitter or even Facebook, do you?

Did you notice that there is no RSS on the Wave? That’s not bad. Wave is not about sharing thoughts, links, statuses, photos from your winter ski trip. That makes it a whole single data framework. No one, has access to it, except your contacts.  It’s perfect for organizations, small work groups, companies, etc. Don’t you see it? A business can have all of it’s data into a single web app, in which none has access, except employees. A Wave for the Board, a Wave for the Marketing department, a Wave for the PR guys, and the list goes on, as you guessed it.

And Wave works great and out of the box with the iPhone. Yes, really. Dock it on the Springboard as an app from Safari and it acts like a normal app. No need for the app downloading/installing process in Appstore. You liked it, huh? Mobility at it’s best. Consider someone that travels a lot and has work to do. Now, consider how happy he indeed is.

Wave is not for everyone. Is for people who actually need it and will benefit from it. By the way, I used the word ‘work’ a lot. My bad, it’s suitable for college, school — in general everything that wants you to work together as a team, share stuff and be productive.

Boy, at the end of the day, that’s how Google rolls.

posted: October 17, 2009
under: Editorials, Web

10 Responses

  1. Lee Turtle says:

    do you have any invites?

  2. Apostolos says:

    Yeap, wanna some?

  3. Antony_256 says:

    If you have any more to spare, can you send one this way too?

  4. Apostolos says:

    Quoting from Twitter:

    BTW, 6 Google Wave invitations left. If you wanna DM your mail (if you have already asked for invite don’t DM please) explaining (if you want) why you need the invite.

    Antony, because I do not know you (on the other hand, I know Lee Turtle personally), I want to know why you need the invite. The only reason is, because, I have only 5 left and as you can see they’re so few for the people who want them.

    And I give priority to people whom I know (Lee got his invite anyway), so shoot me a mail, please explaining why.

    I just don’t want to giveaway them so easy – I want to know they worth the giving.

    Simple as that,

  5. jazzman says:

    i need the google wave invite to burn my mind ….

  6. Apostolos says:

    Then, you get none.

  7. Lee Turtle says:

    i want one – you know my email – thanx mate

  8. Aflets says:

    Προς το παρόν δεν εντυπωσιάζομαι από το interface και το usability που παρατηρώ.

    Βέβαια, είναι πολύ νωρίς για να κρίνω, και η ιδέα είναι αρκετά καλή.

  9. Apostolos says:

    Είναι ιδανικό για teamwork. Για projects, coordination κλπ. Πειμένω την μέρα που θα γίνει open beta aka public launch.

    Είναι τρομερά άπειρα με huge potential.

  10. Emmy Momeni says:

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