What should I write about? And what Skribit is

What should I write about? It’s a common feeling among bloggers sometimes. Nowadays, it’s mine too. So if you have a good idea, a topic or something, feel free to use Skribit in my sidebar. I would appreciate it!

What is Skribit by the way?

Quoting from the About page, Skribit is

A content suggestion service helping bloggers discover relevant topics to write about from their readers. We launched in November 2007 at Atlanta Startup Weekend and we’ve been steadily growing and adding features.

We love blogging and as active bloggers we found it hard to continually write about things our readers would enjoy. So we made Skribit to do just that. Skribit is simple to use and greatly increases the interaction between bloggers and their audience.

Skribit‘s creators are Paul Stamatiou a 22 year old Georgia Tech alumni, Calvin Yu a 30 year old software developer primarly focused on Startups and Lance Weatherby an Internet business geek. Paul after his graduation works full-time for Skribit as he wants to make it a sucessfull startup.

And how does it work?

Any reader can suggest a topic for a post via the widget. Then others can vote for it and/or add their own. The six most voted appear in the widget in the sidebar. You can vote as many posts as you want there isn’t any limit and then I receive these suggestions from the readers and the community and I can post about them. Skribit it’s just a tool to show what the community around your site thinks you should talk about.

posted: April 16, 2009
under: Blogging, Start-Up's, Web

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