How To: 5+1 ways to stay productive

When you work, you want your best. But it seems sometimes you get distracted by a number of various reasons. I’ve thought of several tips to help you stay productive in your life whether working or not.

Have a clean and minimalistic desktop

First things first. Have a clean and minimalistic desktop is a key factor. Having to do with less “noise” around you helps you get focused and not distracted.  It helps you beeing calm too -minimalism does. This is for your virtual and real desktop. Here’s mine.

Disable real time feeds like Friendfeed and IMs

Disabling these kinds of real time information overflow and friend chats helps you be focused on what you work. It’s really difficult when working and having to deal with Twitter, Friendfeed and Gtalk in the same time. You lose important time.

Use big monitors

Considering yourself geek or not, you should use big monitors since you work with computers. Considering current low prices –like this 22″ widescreen Acer model. First of all, they make you living easier. Everything has space no need of minimazing and maximizing windows. Secondly, it’s more helpful for your eyes. Btw, here’s the Amazon page of LCD Monitors. Defenitely you should check it out. I currently work with a 19″ Samsung Syncmaster 940NW which is connected to my netbook

Use GTD apps

Since you have too many To-Do’s not only for your work but also for your life, managing them with GTD apps is a useful idea. Remember the Milk is a great GTD Web app (and a desktop one via Google Gears) build upon AJAX. It will help you get organized and getting things done easily. Give it a try!

Work with clean mind, make often breaks

That’s one great tip. You shouldn’t work too many hours continiously. That’s bad for your focus and your health. Try to make often small breaks of 10 to 15 minutes to help relax and unstress your mind. It works -you’ll see and helps you beeing more productive.

and the +1,

Be focused

Ok, you have a tidy desktop, disabled the feeds and IMs, started using the big monitor, you get yourself organized with RTM and make small breaks. But you forget one important factor. Your will power. Without it, no matter how many tips you apply you won’t  come off with anything. You should always try to get and be focused on whatever you do.

posted: April 18, 2009
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