How To: Businesses-Startups + Social Web

Having a business or even a startup and living in the Web 2.0 era of Social Networks is a great oppurtunity to advertise it and be succesfull. The good old times of paying for advertisements in magazines, newspapers, making flyers etc have passed by. Now you advertise your business as it was yourself. Just be sure to take advantage of these great social networks.

There are countless ways of promoting your business in the world wide social web. 

  • Run a Facebook Page/Public Profile or even an ad plan. Spread your business and product among your Facebook friends and other users. Engage with people and take advantage of WoM (Word of Mouth marketing).
  • Start using Twitter. Update regurarly and in a personal way about your business, your product, offers. Engage with possible or already customers. Offer quality service.
  • Start a blog. Promote your business/product with running a blog too. Write about your business, how employees work, the facilities, the daily lifestyle. Make people feel comfortable with you. Offer service from there too. Engage the comments.

People now seek quality, service and honesty. Don’t try to trick them, then you will fail. They have and are the power not you. You must make them feel that you are the best for what they search so they can choose you. Make them feel you are trustworthy and not like a scam. Be sure that your business plan looks on the distant future and not in the short one. Then you will win. Don’t try to make instant money and fame/brand name. The best way is step-by-step. And be not afraid from the Recession.

posted: April 14, 2009
under: Start-Up's

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  1. Γιαρμούρας says:

    Βλακείες γράφεις. Θα το καταλάβεις άμα ασχοληθείς λίγο καιρό ακόμα με αυτό το θέμα.

  2. Αν μου έλεγες που είναι οι βλακείες που γράφω, ίσως και να έλεγα, οκ – θα μάθω. Αλλιώς δεν βλέπω που γράφω βλακείες, γιατί λίγο πολύ αυτά γράφουνε και γνωστοί marketers του χώρου. Τότε λες ότι και αυτοί λένε βλακείες. ;-)