Review: Google Web History

How many times you found a great website with a search term you don’t remember now? How many times you were thinking “this great site which I don’t remember it’s name”? Well, Google (once again) has the right answer.

Do some Google search -the query can be whatever you want- while signed-in with your Google (Gmail) account. Click on some results you find interesting and then check There, there will be all your search activity. The terms you searched for, the results you clicked on and Google Reader-like trends system in which you see your search activity; search queries related to yours and some other cool features.

You can also pause your log and resume afterwards. Not only this, you can also “star” (just like Gmail and Google Reader) results you find interesting and helped you find what you want.

By default, Google Web History logs only your search queries and clicks on results. If you want though, you can expand your logging services, by installing Google Toolbar, in order to get more personalized image searches or search sites you have already visited and other features. Though as an idea it’s interesting, I don’t recommend it, because firstly, I don’t like using toolbars -the slow the browser, the shrink your website view and in general they are not so much useful, don’t worth a download/install- and secondly because Google Web History it’s enough good as it is.

Concluding, I recommend using this Google product because it can be really helpful in your web feature. Who knows? Sometime in the future, you may want again to visit “this great site with the photoshop tutorial about hardcore image manipulation”.

posted: October 22, 2008
under: Reviews, Web

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  1. Μπράβο. Δεν ήξερα ότι υπήρχε τέτοιο πράγμα. Το είπες την κατάλληλη στιγμή που έψαχνα ένα blog που δε θυμόμουν!