Google Accounts and personal e-mail

Interesting. If you have a Google account; probably you have one already. GMail, Google Reader, GTalk and many, many others are your kind of Google passport. So to login in a Google service you had to login with probably.

But now you can change this and login with let’s say How? It’s very simple. Go to Google Accounts and then click on “Edit”. There at the end says something about “Add an additional e-mail address”. Just type here your e-mail address (assuming it is and then just wait for the confirmation e-mail, which means that you own this e-mail and you are not phiser, spammer or something.

In a minute or so, the confirmation mail will have been laying in your inbox ready to open and read it. Do this and as usual click on the confirmation link. Succes! Now you can login to every Google app with (assuming that’s your other e-mail). But you won’t enter your other’s e-mail password, though you enter again the Google’s Account password (GMail password).

posted: September 17, 2008
under: How To's, Web

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