Dropbox; the “cloud” era is coming

The “cloud” era in which all files will be on the net and accessible from everywhere is coming. On 11th September they just launched the service, after a long period of closed Beta testing and invites to join them.

So what actually does Dropbox? It hosts your files (any file) on their Amazon’s servers and they are accessible from everywhere. They even make it to share between Linux, Mac and Windows fluently.

Personally, I will for sure move lots of my files there. Specially music which can be accessible from everywhere then. So let’s see what files can we store outside Dropbox.

  1. Documents, Presentations and in general office work is going to Google Docs.
  2. Photos are going to Flickr and it is not obligatory to have them public, though you have to have a Pro account, otherwise it doesn’t worth it.
  3. Music is going to be moved (or at least copied) on Anywhere.fm, a simple web app, which hosts your music and you can play it from everywhere. Think of it like an online iTunes (yes, it looks like iTunes) and the online version of your music library.
  4. Other files can go straight to Dropbox for free life-time secure hosting. Pretty cool, huh?

What are you waiting? Go and sign-up on Dropbox to start living “clouded”. ;)

posted: September 13, 2008
under: Start-Up's, Web

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